Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Quranic Verses Appear on Miracle Baby चमत्कार नहीं तो और क्या है

इस उपभोग्तावादी समय में भी कुछ लोगों के पास अल्लाह और इश्वर के लिए समय है!!! और ये वोह लोग हैं जो ईमान और उसकी शुचिता, पवित्रता से वाकिफ़ हैं.लेकिन जिनकी आस्था उस परम शक्ति में नहीं है, उनके लिए अल्लाह समय-समय प ऐसे कारनामे दिखलाता रहता है कि आप उस से मुंह मोड़ कर गुज़र नहीं सकते.साड़ी दुइया में आज इस रूसी बालक की चर्चा है सिर्फ़ इसलिए कि रोज़ उसके बदन पर नई-नई कुरानी आयत अंकित होती रहती है.उस समय इसकी हालत नीम-बेहोशी कि हो जाती है.और उसके पहले वो तेज़ बुखार में तप रहा होता है.इसकी उम्र बहुत ज्यादा भी नहीं है.मात्र ९ महीने का है ये शिशु! औ हाँ कई लोगों ने इसकी सत्यता जान ने के लिए ख़ुद से उसके शरीर पर कुछ लिखने कि कोशिश की तो वो कामयाब नहीं हुए.

Allah has power over everything, Inshallah this might be the another sign of Allah (swt). I am not sure how far this could be true, but my aqeedah & emaan are alhumdulilah fine by the grace of Allah (swt). I strongly believe that Allah has power over everything and this is an another addition in the list of his signs.

A baby boy is born this year (2009) in a remote area called Dagestan in Southern Russia. The uncommon thing about this baby is that he has verses from Qur'an appearing on his body, that change every few days. Allah has many ways to show his signs. This is one of them. SubhanAllah.

I pray that Allah prevent all of us from all forms of Fitna. It’s not hard to imagine some people, from other beliefs and weak Aqeedah, prostrating to that child. Astaghfirullah! May Allah guide all the muslim brothers & sisters across the globe.

May Allah save us. Ameen.

A 9-month old baby boy has left doctors baffled in Russia after verses from the Holy Qur’an began appearing on his skin. These sayings from the Islamic holy book are said to appear on nine-month-old Ali Yakubov's back, arms, legs and stomach, before fading away and being replaced with other verses.

Ali's parents were left stunned when the word Allah appeared on Ali Yakubov's chin soon after his birth. Since then scores of writings in the Arabic script have appeared almost all over his body. Medics have denied that the marks are from someone writing on the child's skin.
The kid's mother,
Madina Yakubov, said that she and her husband were not religious until the words started appearing on his skin.
Ever since the phenomenon started, the boy has become a focus of Muslim homage in his home province of Dagestan, close to war-ravaged Chechnya in the South of Russia. Local MP Akhmedpasha Amiralaev said: "This boy is a pure sign of God. Allah sent him to Dagestan in order to stop revolts and tension in our republic." The baby boy's mother said: "Normally those signs appear twice a week - on Mondays and on the nights between Thursdays and Fridays.

"Ali always feels bad when it is happening. He cries and his temperature goes up." "It's impossible to hold him when it's happening, his body is actively moving, so we put him into his cradle. It's so hard to watch him suffering."

(Oct. 22, 2009) -- Thousands of Muslims have been traveling to a remote town in a war-torn region of southern Russia hoping to see verses from Islam's holy book appear on the skin of a "miracle baby." The parents of Ali Yakubov said the word "Allah" appeared on his chin soon after his birth, English Tabloidsun hold ‘Ctrl’ and click) reported


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