Friday, February 19, 2010

Dr. ZAKIR NAIK :Most Powerful Indians in 2010

Dr. ZAKIR NAIK is ranked No. 89.

From amongst the few Muslims in this list of 100, Dr. ZAKIR NAIK is the ONLY MUSLIM ISLAMIC PREACHER / SCHOLAR / ORATOR. The others being a Political Secretary, a Politician, a Government Official, a Business Magnet and 3 Film Personalities.

Amongst the “Spiritual/Religious Gurus” though he was the only Muslim and No. 3 in 2009 list, this year (2010) Dr. Zakir Naik TOPPED the List of Spiritual / Religious Gurus at No. 89, for preaching of Islam, followed by Jaggi Vasudev (at No. 94, for his trees planting work), Baba Ramdev (at No. 99, for his Yoga work) and Sri Sri Ravi Shankar (at No. 100, for his Sudarshan Kriya breathing technique work) respectively.

In the 2nd Most Populous country in the world, having more than 80% Non-Muslim population, India, a Muslim ‘preacher of Islam’ like Dr. Zakir Naik is ranked practically the most powerful “Spiritual/Religious Guru” is mainly due to Allah (swt) and His Grace and Mercy.

Naik was recently also selected and listed in “The 500 Most Influential Muslims in the World” (without rankings) published by the George Washington University, USA. .


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