Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ban In UK Dr Zakir Naik could challenge

There is every reason for Dr Zakir Naik to fight the ban on his entry in the United Kingdom. Dr Naik could challenge this decision of the British government in a suitable court of law and he has every right to do so. Also, he has very wisely advised his followers not to protest this ban in a violent manner. I would, however, like to contrast the situation with the fact that the same West has taught our books as textbooks for centuries in its Universities and built a remarkable civilization upon ‘our’ intellectual produce. Why is it now banning the entry of our person?

The initial remarks of Dr Zakir Naik in his interview are interesting. I contrast his words with the words of the Prophet (pbuh) – and I do not hesitate to do so because of the fact that Muhammad (pbuh) is our role model. The Prophet (pbuh) did not say that the people of Taif were afraid of the spread of Islam and of the fact that he was one of the most popular speakers. He did not involve his person. He had CONCERN – a seven letter word which is found mostly in dictionaries now. Dr Naik equates the ban on his entry with the curbing of Islam. I wonder if this is really the case.

May be there is a lesson here which we should not miss out upon. May be the West is not afraid of Islam as it is probably already there. May be it is afraid of Muslims (who think that Islam is dependent upon them). But then the West is not alone in this fear. There are Muslims who are afraid of Muslims. And justifiably so.

I still wonder if this (negative) development can be utilized for the positive projection of Islam. The ban on Dr Naik’s entry can achieve what his physical entry in the UK could not have, presumably. As for the message of Dr Naik, it can always reach the targeted audience in many other forms.


Voice Of The People said...

Zakir is a follower of yazeed and his ban is justified.

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