Thursday, March 18, 2010

भविष्य में मक्का-मुआज्ज़मां Mekkah in Future

Ahmed Farooque

I read this in Tehqeqat-e-Islami or Zindagi Nau.

In Israel, once Jewish plan to build the tallest worship place.

The Jewish from all over the world collected lots of money and went to their Rabbi.

Rabbi told them, We are nothing in front of God. The height of a building or our collected money is nothing in front of HIM.

The best thing to show your love to God is to know him.

So they make a educational charitable organization and till date education is free in Israel from Primary to PhD.

This education only can lead us to know Allah.

Monaweer Alam

Hazrat abubakar siddiq ke time jo ki sawa 2 sal ki hukumat thi koi changing nahi hui thi jab ki islam kafi taraqqi kar chuka tha.

hazrat umar ke time main koi changing nahi hui thi sirf wusat hui thi jab ki unki khilafat ka period 10 yrs tha aur khulfa ke time main bhi aise koi changing nahi hui thi ke asal naqsha hi khatam ho jaye aur uski ruhaniyat hi khatam ho jaye. jab ke un ke waqt main islam ne adhi duniya se zyada par hukumat ho chuki thi aur agar islami gov. chahti to sone ke mehraben bana sakti thi ; par is zamane main logon ko kya ho gaya.......

allah karim.

M.A. Haque

Good pictures.
Somehow I donot agree with the idea of tallest building. What do they want to prove? That they are very rich. Dubai did it. Now KSA is planning it seems. Allah does not like those who want to show off and indulge in wasteful expenditure.
Anyway it is not our concern because we can't change the attitude of these Arabs।


nuh ibn zbigniew gondek said...

As salaam alaikum akhi.

May Allah, Ta'ala, reward you for your efforts.

Every day starts with fajr prayer.

Ma'as salaama,
nuh ibn zbigniew

Wajahat Ali Khan said...

This is not for decoration you stupid. It is just simple and sober expansion for the ease of pilgrims to provide them shade in high temp and to make space to accommodate increasing number of pilgrims. Right now every year 2.5M pilgrims visist Makkah for Haj which is other than Umrah visitors

Think before making such useless and stupid alligations

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