Monday, January 18, 2010

Russian singer Masha is now muslim! Jenifer lopez also accepted Islam?

A very famous Russian singer and actress recently became Muslim (true) by the name of Masha Alalykina। Sister Masha is basically in the same boat as Jennifer Lopez in regards to the Russian world and has actually accepted Islam. She is a real testimony that people can change no matter what state of life they are in – people can become righteous no matter how bad and sinful they were.

Alalykina is a real example of this change, of repentance, and should be taken as a role model for the world of entertainment. She broke away from the way that rich white (mostly Jewish) men used her as a sex object and embraced the hijab at all odds. I advise all to look into her story – especially those in the entertainment world. I pray that more people follow her footsteps and realize that there is more to life than just eating, drinking, and sleeping.

Jennifer Lopez, the famous Latina actress and singer has recently accepted the Islamic faith. She said that she was tired of her previous life – a life full of corruption and sin. She took her shahadah (this means she bore witness that there is no God save Allah and that Muhammad is His messenger) on June 24th, 2008 at the Hejrat Foundation in Los Angeles, California stating that Islam is a way of life that can bring someone out of the darkness of a life full of sin and into the light of a life full of spirituality.

Did this really happen? No, but it could have.


Arshad Ali said...
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Arshad Ali said...

Islam samajhdar logon ki pahli pasand hay.Mujhe aisa lagta hay agar achchhi tarah se Islam ki khubiyon ko logon ke samne rakha jaye to unhe ALLAH aur Islam par yakin nahi karne ka sawal hin nahi uthta.

Aap apne baare me kuchh baltaye.maine apne doston se aapke blog ko dekhne ke request kiya hun.
apne baare me kuchh jankari den.Plz

pahle wale comment men kuchh galti ho gaya tha is liye delete karna pada. Sorry

इस्लामिक वेबदुनिया said...

arashad bhai se poori tarah sahamat
aapake blog men achchi janakari ha allah aapako aapke nek makasad men kamyab kare
aur han talib to ham bhi hen aapaki duvaon ke

शेरघाटी said...

aap dono se itifaaq!

taalib sahab ki duaaon k ham bhi mutamanni hain.

learn quran online said...

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