Sunday, January 24, 2010


WE are the world,’ is the voice of today’s young minds। They are comfortable with every thing of today and welcome the changes open heartedly. Religion is absolutely no bar. It is not that only a Christian or American drink or enjoys night out often and not the youth of other religions.

Gone are those days when we heard such news. Now, it is same with everyone. More to join this genre are the Muslims. Yes, in the present day of globalisation and westernisation, where everything is getting influenced and adapted, Muslims are not far behind. They are more of Muslims in every crime and hoax we find around us these days.

Now, more than ever, the youth is often regarded as the source of society’s challenges and deficits. Who is responsible for all these – the parents, teachers or the youth themselves who are away from the true knowledge of the world? The underage drinking, drugs, sexual preferences and violence is what we find in the youth today

The decency and simple life of Prophet, the messenger of Allah is out of the brains and what is left is the new western culture. There are less of prayers (Ibadat) more of music in the houses. We are not addicted to reading the Holy Quran but are hooked onto the new gadgets. The Muslims have undoubtedly changed from years and they welcome every change for the sake of entertainment and pleasure. It is all about making life’s simple and easy they say. But no they are heading life towards a baffled world where they are left muddle up.

I have seen many young men and women walk down parks and green lanes with earphones and portable music systems or cell phones, completely shutting out from the world. They don’t care of anyone or everyone. The lifestyle they portrays is only night outs, lounging in the pubs, tapping feet to the rocking music in discs, showing off 8 GB I-pods; N-Series mobiles, the latest bike, Levis jeans and Woodland shoes are the common lifestyle of the urban youth today. All these ’cool stuffs’ are essentials, if they don’t have it, then it will affect their ‘so called image’ in college campus or their common hang-outs. This is the youth of today – unorganised with limited outlook and lack of aim in life.
The youth has forgotten that praying five times is a good exercise than any other weight loosing machines. A simple morning walk is better and outdoor games are much more vigilant than video games available in mobile phones and computers. No doubt, they are useful to us but Possessions and acquisitions may seem marvelous. But after a while, you do not own them, they own you.
The youth is getting a raw deal from the media, its entertainment industries and fashion designers who are said to be responsible to have created an image containing a more negative look for our youth occupying sexuality, violence, coarser language and revealing clothing. It is this which makes young minds turn to terrorist and cheat themselves in the name of religion. Is this true or another typecast question or anything else?

It won’t be anonymous to say that today the life has become a puzzle to many who doesn’t understand what is right and what is incorrect. They just move with the money. . It is not long ago India had several terror attacks and it is the youth behind every threat. It is only because they are confused. They don’t follow their heart but do what is wanted by others. ‘Anything for money’ is the new slogan of every person.

We see these days youngsters running for IT jobs in spite of market being down, pink slips on rise. Everyone is ready to crush their minds for American labor. They are ready to miss the ‘good night sleep of five-six days in a week and have snaps in the day but do their jobs honestly. There is a negative perception of this vibrant segment of our society, the American Muslim youth who work for America, abroad return or holding American visas have to cope with threat of terrorism. Muslim youth often find themselves in unfriendly environments within their own communities, where activities and programs are not relevant to their needs, where their opinion doesn’t count. They have to face the stereotype questions and where their voice is seldom heard.
What’s wrong with today’s youth is that the parent’s are more interested in being their kids ‘friend’ then being a parent. And this leaves them with more of freedom irrationally to do things they wish and every wrong becomes good as they feel of it being wanted. Wants are always unlimited. There is no limit to them. But it is important to fulfill the needs not wants. Today parents have no control over kids rather the kids control them.

The recent beaten up girl by people in Mangalore pubs is no good to hear such a harsh humiliation from India. The women is said to be garment of men who is treated in inhuman way for catching up in pubs. Who is to blame here? Girls say they are above 18 and independent to hang out with guys and party at pub or whatever. The society has become more violent than it was, and young people are pushed towards adulthood faster than they were. This is Americanism not Indian’s or Islam.

The Muslims of today have left behind the religious books and teachings of Prophets and live life wishfully, which is becoming more perplexed than ever. It is only we the youth responsible for all. Unless the Muslim youth realise that they are moving in a wrong direction, nothing can be done. There is a need to take initiative by every parent, every teacher to nurture best of religion and humanism in the mind of children so that they inherit the best of values which can only help us to see a better and change tomorrow in the coming years.

Jabed Hussain


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